Will you call me to make an appointment?

When your name gets near the top of the list, you will be contacted by email if you have provided an email address. If no email address is provided, you will be contacted by U.S. Mail. It is very important that you keep your email and mailing addresses updated in your online application, and that you respond to any mail in a timely fashion, usually 10 calendar days.

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If I am homeless or being evicted, can I get assistance sooner?

Your current housing circumstances do not affect your placement on the waiting list, unless you are displaced from your home from natural disaster or government action.

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When can I get an apartment/house/voucher?

The wait for each program is variable, but we anticipate a 6-18 month wait from the time of application.

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Does Kearney Housing Agency have emergency housing?

Unfortunately KHA does not provide emergency housing services. All programs have a waiting list based on date and time of application.

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Why does my application fluctuate (up and down) on the list?

Applicants that are displaced from their home from natural disaster or government action receive a preference to move up on the list. This causes applications without this preference to move down on the list.

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Where am I on the waitlist? How do I know if you got my application?

You can find your position on the waiting list(s) by returning to your online application, or by calling 308-234-3027. You will need the name, birth date, and social security number of the head-of-household listed on the application.

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Are pets allowed?

Pet policies vary for each program, and exceptions to pet policies apply for disability assistance animals.

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How much is the rent?

Rent is based on household income, so it varies for each resident. You can expect to pay approximately a third of your monthly income for rent and utilities.

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After I apply, what happens next?

When your name gets closer to the top of the list, you will receive a letter to call and schedule an Initial Interview. At the interview you will be asked to show identification and proof of income. A criminal history and rental history reference review will be performed, and eligibility/ineligibility will be determined. Then when a home or voucher is available, you will attend a leasing session or a briefing session.

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Can I get a paper application?

All applications are taken through the online system. If you need assistance, computers are available at the KHA office located at 2715 Avenue I, Kearney, NE.

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Which housing program is right for me?

You can find a description of each housing program and the income limits by household size by clicking the "Apply Online" link at the top of the page. You may apply for as many or as few programs as you like with one application.

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